Share The Gift

Our mission has always been clear. We aim to equip you to reach your community for Christ. Until now, that opportunity was primarily limited to traditional paper tracts. But now, thanks to technology, you have the ability to send digital tracts and videos to everyone in your life with each new season, free of charge.


God’s message to the world is that salvation is a gift available to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. Of course, we have been given the Great Commission as God’s ambassadors to let those we know and love to understand something so simple that even a child can understand the simplicity of faith. You are invited to SHARE THE FAITH!


In October 2013, FindAnswers4Life was founded by six believers as a not-for-profit 501C3 corporation in Chicago with Christian education and evangelism as our primary purpose.


2021 was a very important year for us. We added Share the Gift as our new logo to give more clarity to our overall mission. We want to work together with believers as partners in the Gospel. Also, thanks to our videos, the internet is a quantum leap forward from the traditional paper tract to dynamic digital tracts. Never before has it been so simple for believers to deliver the full gospel message to others. With only a couple clicks, a video or pdf can be sent through a wide variety of media. Furthermore, with a rather modest donation, you can tangibly support this partnership and reach 300 homes in America with a $10 donation. All of this is now possible with another new partner, Valpak, with the capability of eventually reaching 41 million U.S. households. We think that is extremely exciting. It’s like standing on a corner and handing out 300 paper tracts! We invite you to join us.

Our Dedication

We have no higher priority than the evangelization of the lost. We believe that fits well with God’s priorities. With each new season, we are prepared to equip you, the saints of God, to be light and salt to a dying world. In 2023, we are prepared to meet the world within the culture and speak the truth in love – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween and Christmas.


We will be there to communicate the relevancy of God’s Word to the needs of others. God has a burden for the world. Christ came to save not condemn. What a privilege it is to be a part of that same ministry that He began 2,000 years ago. When the printing press was invented in 1436, it revolutionized the world through paper. Now, we find ourselves in a digital revolution that can have even more impact thanks to the information explosion that is ours to use for God’s glory. Let us dedicate ourselves to that mission! Soli Deo Gloria!